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Considering selling in the current market? What will it take to procure a successful sale?


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Welcome Home Blog! 

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Considering selling in the current market? What will it take to procure a successful sale?
Written By: Linda Nelson ~ 8/25/2022

Now more than ever sellers need an experienced, full time, professional real estate broker. Homes aren’t flying off the market with bidding wars and hundreds of thousands of dollars over list price. Instead, buyers are more cautious and waiting for price reductions. We are seeing homes sit for 30+ days. The homes that are staged and properly priced are still selling faster and for more money.

LindaNelsonHeadshot1_square.jpgNow is when sellers must rely on the advice of the “expert, seasoned” brokers who have weathered many different markets over the years. Choosing “discount” brokers can be extremely detrimental because they have a “transactional” business model. I have discussed this in earlier posts explaining that these brokers are using your listing to pick up buyers at the open houses they do for your home. That allows them to make the higher commission on the other end of the transaction. They have no sense of urgency to sell your home, but you think you are “saving” on the commission. Yes, your home will eventually sell, but probably after a couple of price reduction and more time on market. Are you saving on the commission?

Proper pricing and presentation are essential in getting top dollar for your home! That is why I offer complimentary professional staging for all my listings. I work with my sellers every step of the way, helping them properly prepare their home all the way to staging day. I watch the market daily to keep up with pricing and days on market to determine the best price point for your home. With 14 years of real estate experience, I know what it takes to successfully sell a home in any market.

Since I was recruited by Compass 2 years ago, I have been amazed by the incredible marketing tools I have at my disposal. Compass surpasses the industry in their constant research and development of new technology. That benefits me and my clients immensely!

If you are considering selling your home soon or in 2023, please reach out to me. I love helping my clients achieve their dreams.

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