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The Downsizing Dilemma


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The Downsizing Dilemma
Written By: Linda Nelson ~ 9/9/2021


When I arrive for a listing appointment I am often asked, “What do we do with all of this stuff?” I always explain that it is a process and it is an important part of “emotionally detaching” from your home. I have some wonderful referrals to help with the dreaded sorting, boxing and hauling but there is no way around making decisions on where “the stuff” goes.

I recently read the five step process below written by my colleague, Leonard Steinberg. I believe he sums it up well:

Simplifying can be DIVINE. I always tell my semi-depressed downsizers that almost every single one of them before felt the exact same way until AFTER they had completed the task, when they felt a HUGE sense of satisfaction and relief once the process was completed. Less clutter and stuff de-stressed them and allowed them to refresh their lives, not just their home environment.

Take inventory of all the things you CAN use in your new, smaller home first.

Identify all the items you wish to gift to relatives and friends, knowing some may not want what you gift. Ask first, while keeping an open mind.

Identify all items you might want to donate for charitable purposes. What you might consider tired, may be TREASURE to someone less fortunate.

Identify all the items you wish to sell, knowing that most stuff has little resale value in the second-hand market. If you have fine art, rare or collectible items, it is wisest to hire a professional appraiser.

To add to that I say, use your Waterford crystal every day and enjoy it! It isn’t doing any good packed away for someday because you will never use it later. I have been doing just that and it feels like a guilty pleasure!

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