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A Lifetime Of "Stuff"....


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A Lifetime Of "Stuff"....
Written By: Linda Nelson ~ 5/18/2023


There comes a moment where almost every home has to be sold. Some that have been lived in for decades - even if beautifully maintained - usually display a rather staggering volume of collected 'stuff'.....

The other day while walking through a property with some elderly sellers, I sensed their embarrassment about many of the things they had collected over the decades. I explained that everyone ends up in the same situation, unless they are an extreme minimalist. There are so many memories attached to all of the ‘stuff’ and getting rid of it means letting go of the memories. Sellers, who are downsizing can’t take everything with them, so I suggest taking pictures of the items as a way to hold on to the memories.

While all this ‘stuff’ may not have any value to the next homeowner, both buyers and sellers need to be aware of the fact that all items in good condition have a value. What you and I might frown upon, others may find exquisite. And in this lies an opportunity: selling all these items on a site like Ebay is a possibility. There are always locals who specialize in selling these types of items too or managing a yard sale. Donating these items - whether buyer or seller - also affords tax deductible charitable donations....

'Stuff' is a part of life. Sometimes seeing something that has little value to others triggers a wonderful memory. So, when preparing your home for sale, keep in mind that there are many resources to help you with the ‘stuff.’

I specialize in working with seniors to provide a seamless transition to wherever their next move may take them.

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