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Why stage a home for sale in a 'seller's' market?


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Why stage a home for sale in a 'seller's' market?
Written By: Linda Nelson ~ 8/5/2021


The purpose of home staging is to provide welcoming, neutral spaces that allow a potential buyer to say, "I could see myself living here." Most buyers start their home search on the internet and their first impression is a lasting one. If the home is full of clutter, unappealing paint colors, undefined spaces, etc. buyers typically start discounting the price in their mind. The homes that are staged properly with fresh paint colors, updated accessories and are visually appealing are the homes that go for top dollar in any market.

I provide complimentary, professional staging for all of my listings because I have seen the monetary results time and time again. My goal for every one of my listings is to create the "wow factor!"

Staging isn't necessarily decorating. When I start the preparation to list a home for sale I start by bringing my stager in to meet with the sellers. The discussion begins with what furniture needs to be removed to help the space feel larger. Sometimes it's just a matter of rearranging the furniture. Often times area and throw rugs are removed as they tend to break up spaces in a room. The stager will give her recommendations on what artwork, accessories, etc. stay or go into storage. Most of the time theses items can be stored in the garage, but sometimes sellers rent an offsite storage unit. We try to work with as much of the seller's belongings as we can, but there are always things that need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Once the homeowners have gotten through the process of removing items (decluttering), painting (if needed) and making recommended repairs, we come back with items that will enhance the living spaces. This is done a week before going on the market and just before the home is photographed.


Staging is never intended to "cover up" or hide problems that need to be disclosed, but to highlight the best features of the home. People often ask why we suggest removing personal photos. The best answer is that they are a distraction. Buyer's stop to look at each photo because they are curious. We all are! The problem with that is we tend to relate the house to the people we see in the photos instead of seeing it as potentially "our new home."

There are so many emotions associated with buying and selling homes, but at the point the home goes on the market the sellers are usually ready to move on. They tell me that the entire process has helped them to emotionally detach and once the home is staged it no longer feels like their home. Once we have buyer showings and open houses I negotiate the strongest offer possible and the seller's are excited for the next chapter in their lives.


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