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Why choose Compass?


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Why choose Compass?
Written By: Linda Nelson ~ 4/21/2022


I am often asked what sets Compass apart from other real estate firms. Here is a list I ran across recently written by one of my colleagues.

1. We do not franchise.

2. We have a huge technology design and building entity, one of the largest. With some of the most talented and skilled engineers and product managers anywhere. Our tech grows and improves daily. And its Apple-easy and Google-fast.

3. We are ONE brand that provides an infrastructure, technology, tools and support for THOUSANDS of small businesses, each with their own sub-branding, whether simply an individual's name or a mega-team's branding.

4. Most agents are located in areas where there are higher price-points in larger cities and towns, less reliant on mass market volatility.

5. We are a very, very young company. COMPASS as a brand name is just 7 years old. It was URBAN Compass until February 2015. It only entered sales at the end of 2013. We had the highest number of closed sales nationally in 2021.

6. While very young as a brand, the collective experience of the agents is breathtaking.

7. Our hiring screening process is possibly unique: we actually care deeply about ethics, culture, professionalism, etc....not just numbers.

8. The consistency of culture - and quality of services - nationally is impressive, mostly achieved by having all company-owned outlets in all regions.

9. I don't know of another technology entity in real estate that has no intention of diminishing or replacing the role of humans. We empower humans to be more efficient and effective. We know real estate is a human business!

I was recruited by Compass in August 2020 and I have never looked back. The technology, support and opportunities I have been given are superior to what any other real estate company has to offer. Ultimately, my clients reap the benefits and that’s what it’s all about.

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