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Best Colors to Paint a Home to Sell Faster


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Best Colors to Paint a Home to Sell Faster
Written By: Linda Nelson - Compass Realtor ~ 5/30/2024


When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are everything. One of the most effective ways to make your home more appealing to potential buyers is through the use of color. The right color palette can make your home look fresh, inviting, and move-in ready. Here are some of the best colors to paint your home to sell it faster.

  1. Classic Neutrals: The Safe BetWhy: Neutrals are timeless and have broad appeal. They create a blank canvas that allows buyers to envision their own furniture and decor in the space.
    • Living Rooms: Shades like soft beige, light taupe, or greige (a mix of gray and beige) are perfect. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere without overpowering the space.

    • Bedrooms: Light grays or creamy whites are ideal. They provide a calm and restful vibe, which is exactly what buyers look for in a bedroom.

  2. Crisp Whites: The Clean Slate
    White walls are synonymous with cleanliness and openness. They make spaces look larger and brighter, which is a big plus for home buyers.

    • Kitchens: A crisp white can make your kitchen look modern and spotless. Paired with stainless steel appliances and sleek countertops, white walls can make the space feel upscale.

    • Bathrooms: White in bathrooms suggests cleanliness and spa-like serenity. Consider white with a hint of warmth to avoid a sterile feel.

  3. Soft Blues: The Tranquil Touch
    Soft blues are known to be calming and soothing, making them a great choice for spaces where relaxation is key.

    • Bedrooms: Light blue hues can create a peaceful retreat. They’re especially appealing in master bedrooms and guest rooms.

    • Bathrooms: Pale blues can make a bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. They pair well with white tiles and fixtures, enhancing the feeling of cleanliness and relaxation.

  4. Warm Grays: The Modern Neutral
    Gray has become a popular choice for its versatility. Warm grays in particular can suit both traditional and contemporary styles.

    • Living Rooms: Warm gray can give your living room a sophisticated and modern look. It works well with both colorful accents and more subdued tones.

    • Kitchens: Gray is a great choice for kitchens, especially when paired with white cabinets and countertops. It creates a sleek and cohesive look.

  5. Earthy Greens: The Natural Choice
    Earthy greens bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

    • Living Areas: Soft, muted greens can make living spaces feel cozy and grounded. They work particularly well in homes with lots of natural light.

    • Bedrooms: A light sage green can be very relaxing in a bedroom, providing a fresh but calming vibe.

  6. Inviting Yellows: The Cheerful Accent
    While yellow can be bold, when used in the right shade and room, it can add a cheerful and inviting touch.

    • Kitchens: A soft, buttery yellow can make your kitchen feel sunny and bright. It’s a great choice for kitchens that might lack natural light.

    • Entryways: A warm yellow in the entryway can create a welcoming first impression, making buyers feel at home from the moment they step inside.

Tips for Painting to Sell:

  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent color palette throughout the home to create a cohesive look.

  • Quality: Invest in high-quality paint to ensure a professional finish.

  • Freshen Up: Even if your walls are already neutral, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference.

Final Thoughts
Choosing the right colors can significantly impact how quickly your home sells and for how much. Neutrals, soft blues, warm grays, earthy greens, and inviting yellows are all excellent choices that appeal to a broad range of buyers. Remember, the goal is to create a space where potential buyers can see themselves living happily. Happy painting and good luck with your sale!

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