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Houses for Sale in Redmond WA


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About Houses for Sale in Redmond WA

First-time visitors to Redmond are usually struck by the beautiful backdrop of green, rolling Spoiler alert: that feeling never goes away. This growing suburb is bordered by Lake Sammamish to the west, Redmond to the north, Issaquah to the south, and the Snoqualmie Valley to the east. Many report that this is the perfect neighborhood to raise a family, own a house, and settle down.

Neighborhood Details for Redmond WA

Population: 91,831
Income: $179,764 per year
Households: 36,852 35% with kids
Home Value: $1,326,117
Residency: 19 years
Education: 38% College Degree
Square Miles: 48.6 Square Miles
Crime: Below Average
About Houses for Sale in Redmond WA

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