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50 things I do as a Buyer's Agent to ensure a successful transaction


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50 things I do as a Buyer's Agent to ensure a successful transaction
Written By: Linda Nelson - Compass Realtor ~ 4/18/2024


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  1. BLOGPOST_LindaNelson04182024.jpgWe will meet for a buyer consultation.

  2. Align on the best communication plan throughout the entire process.

  3. Encourage you to reach out to a lender for pre-approval and provide recommended lenders (at least 3) if requested.

  4. Collect market data and recent comparables in neighborhoods you’re interested in.

  5. We will complete a buyer questionnaire to understand your needs and objectives.

  6. If necessary, I will research off-market opportunities for you to find additional suitable inventory.

  7. Create a ‘Collection’ so you’re aware of listings that fit your criteria.

  8. Select properties to show you based on your criteria.

  9. Pull market trend data to understand what’s happening within the broader region.

  10. Coordinate showing appointments to gain access to desired listings.

  11. Learn relevant details and attributes of the properties shown, including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, acreage, etc.

  12. Attend broker tours to view other available properties on the market.

  13. Stay connected to local buyers, sellers, and other agents to maintain a constant view of what drives the market.

  14. Reach out to agents with similar listings to understand traffic and buyer demand.

  15. Provide objective advice and help you evaluate the pros and cons of different properties.

  16. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

  17. Understand the current condition of the property for negotiation purposes with the assistance of experts.

  18. Advise you on potential offer strategies that reflect current market conditions.

  19. Help you obtain HOA documents if needed.

  20. Review all transaction documents with you in advance of writing any offer.

  21. Review all forms in the disclosure package.

  22. Coordinate additional access to the property, if necessary.

  23. Join you while you meet with experts about desired improvements including landscaping, painting, fixture updates, minor and major renovations, etc.

  24. If requested, recommend at least three vendors to you on your specific request.

  25. Maintain consistent communication to provide market updates.

  26. Monitor any changes in the market to refine offer strategy and make needed updates (revising price, terms, etc.) accordingly.

  27. Explain the offer process, timeline, and recommended preparation.

  28. Align on offer strategy and prepare the offer on your behalf.

  29. Notify the listing agent you are submitting an offer.

  30. Advise and strategize with you on counteroffer response.

  31. Negotiate terms as needed with the listing broker and seller in writing.

  32. Notify you when terms are agreed upon.

  33. Assist with the review of the final contract, disclosures, pre-qualification letter, and wiring instructions, if applicable.

  34. Coordinate the signing of the final agreement.

  35. Facilitate deposit of earnest money and down payments.

  36. Create and execute closing timeline and transaction review.

  37. Stay in close contact with all relevant parties through next steps.

  38. Share estimated timeline and all documents with client and Attorney(s), if applicable.

  39. Coordinate and confirm inspection.

  40. Coordinate and confirm appraisal has been received.

  41. Confirm loan approval has been received.

  42. Coordinate final walk-through and address issues that may arise by communicating with the seller's agent.

  43. Remind you to order home warranty (if applicable).

  44. Remind you to order homeowners insurance and set up utilities.

  45. Request final closing figures from the closing agent (attorney or title company).

  46. Advise you to carefully review closing figures with settlement service provider.

  47. Facilitate closing for you and the seller.

  48. Confirm recording of deed, if applicable.

  49. Transfer of keys and property access.

  50. Welcome you to your new home!

All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors or omissions. No guarantee or representation is made regarding the applicability of all information for every transaction. For any questions, consult with a licensed professional.

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